Probation Violations

When You Have Been Accused of a Probation Violation

There are many reasons why people are accused of violating probation — a DWI, a failed drug test or UA, failing to pay court-ordered fines or another offense. Often, a lapse in judgment or a false accusation is the reason.

Regardless of the circumstances involved in your situation, Bowen Law Group can help. As a former Denton County assistant district attorney, Brent Bowen has in-depth knowledge of Texas law on probation violations. He provides strong and effective defenses for people accused of probation violations.

Our Denton, Texas, law firm handles motions to revoke probation in Texas courts. We also provide representation in defense of motions to adjudicate, for men and women on adjudicated probation — those placed on formal probation without a conviction.

Understanding Our Clients — Not Just Their Cases

At Bowen Law Group, our law firm philosophy is based on understanding clients, not just their cases. This means that we often look beyond the immediate legal issue, like a probation violation, to the things that are really affecting you.

Sometimes this means helping you get the resources you need to manage a drug, alcohol or anger management issue. Regardless of the issues that you face, you can trust Bowen Law Group for non-judgmental and confidential legal representation that gets real results.

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