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Can I Leave The State or Country While I'm Out on Bond?

In most cases, the first thing that people think of upon getting arrested is how they can get out as quickly as possible. The most common way to get out of jail fast is by posting bail. Bail is basically a bond, cash, or property that arrested people give to the court to ensure their appearance in court when they are ordered to do so.

Once the trial is over, regardless of the outcome, bail will be returned to the defendant, minus the processing fee. On the other hand, if the defendant fails to appear in court, the court usually keeps the bail and issues an arrest warrant for the defendant.

If you are out on bond or any kind of bail, it’s best to hire a Frisco TX, criminal defense lawyer to work on your case and not just wait for your court date. Unfortunately, certain travel obligations or plans simply cannot be canceled or rescheduled just because you are out on bond. Because of this, many defendants wonder if they can leave the state or country while out on bond. 

You Will Need Permission to Leave The State

You may be allowed to leave the state if you have written consent from the court and your bail bond agent. However, depending on the specific circumstances of your case, the crime you’re accused of, and the amount of your bond, the court or your bond agent may place travel conditions on your bail.

Likewise, if your bond has an electronic monitoring condition and you are under house arrest, you will not be able to leave your home unless for work or an errand approved by your monitoring officer. A global positioning monitoring system (GPS) will always monitor your location, and you’ll only be allowed to travel within a preset radius of the monitoring office. This means that the signal will be lost when you go out of state, and you would have violated the electronic monitoring condition.

Leaving The Country May Be Possible But Only in Extremely Rare Cases

Going out of the country can be permitted. If you have business, family, or health-related travel plans, and your court date is several months away, you may request permission to travel from the court or your bond agent. Typically in Denton County, the only travel restrictions are placed on you by your bond company. Therefore, they may require you to put up additional collateral to travel, or try and require you to pay an additional fee.

Even if you’re not a flight risk, a lot of things can happen that can cause you to get held up when you’re in another country. This is just one of the various reasons why leaving the country can be difficult when defendants are out on bail. Often times, those countries may have restrictions regarding your entry into them.

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