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Do Warrants Show on Background Checks in Texas?

A valid arrest warrant gives the police the authority to place you under arrest immediately. Many warrants are executed when police officers conduct a traffic stop and discover the driver has an active warrant. In other situations, police officers with a warrant may show up at your job or work to make the arrest on the spot. Having a warrant can be stressful for many reasons, and you should never ignore one. Some warrants may even affect your ability to qualify for a job or housing if a party discovers the warrant.

Many people who have a warrant out for their arrest have no idea the warrant exists. So, how can a potential employer or landlord find out about the warrant? A warrant will not become part of the criminal record until law enforcement officers execute the warrant, so most warrants will NOT SHOW on traditional background checks ordered by an employer or property owner. However, this does not mean that a warrant cannot be discovered.

Types of Warrants

There are different types of warrants, as follows:

  • Arrest warrant – If police investigators gather enough information to have probable cause to suspect that you committed a crime, they can seek an arrest warrant from the court based on the probable cause statement.
  • Bench warrant – A bench warrant is issued directly by a judge for varied reasons. Common reasons for a bench warrant include failing to appear in court, not paying a traffic fine, and not complying with the terms of a criminal sentence or probation.
  • Capias Pro Fine Warrants – If you have entered a payment plan or owe the courts money, the court can issue a capias pro fine warrant to collect unpaid fees.

Whether someone performing a background check will see a warrant depends on the type of background check they choose. For example, reviewing your criminal record will likely not alert them to any warrants.

However, the Denton County Sheriff allows people to request warrant information by filing an open records request. Bench warrants are part of the court record, which are searchable online. Therefore, if an employer takes the extra step to search for public court records, they will be able to see if you have a bench warrant. Finally, some companies specifically pay for a warrant search.

Do You Have a Warrant?

If you forgot about a speeding ticket, missed a court date, skipped community service, or violated the terms of your probation, you likely have a warrant. If you suspect you might, it might not only result in a sudden arrest, but it may also affect your job and other aspects of your life. Contact a Denton criminal defense attorney who can tell you whether you have a warrant and help you address the matter right away. Taking affirmative steps to handle a warrant is always better than trying to avoid an arrest.

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