Holiday Parties, College Students and Safe Alcohol Consumption

Underage Drinking and Binge Drinking in College

Amongst teens and young adults, drinking, and excessive drinking, is a serious problem. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that excessive drinking is responsible for more than 4,300 deaths amongst underage youth every year, and that on average, young, underage drinkers drink more per occasion than do adult drinkers.

The NIAAA reports that more than 1,800 college students die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries each year. But in addition to death, drinking too much as a young person can have other consequences, too. For example, hundreds of thousands of students have reported being the victims of assault or sexual assault by another person who has been drinking, one in four students report academic problems as a result of alcohol use, and drinking can also lead to an alcohol use disorder (AUD), health consequences, unsafe sex, and more.

Studies Show that Millions of Americans Drink Dangerous High Levels of Alcohol

It’s not just teens and young adults that are at risk of drinking too much (details to come), but adults, too. Indeed, a study published by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) found that tens of millions of Americans drink alcohol at a level that is considered to be “dangerously high.” The study found that over the course of a one-year period, 39 percent of adults males and 27 percent of adult females (aged 18 and older) reported binge drinking. What’s more, 11 percent of males and seven percent of females reported level two binge drinking at least once over that same time period. Binge drinking is defined as having four or more drinks on a single occasion for women, and five or more drinks for men. Level two binge drinking is defined as having eight to 11 drinks (for women) or 10 to 14 drinks (for men).

Be Smart About Alcohol Use

Whether a teen or an adult, being smart about alcohol use can save your life and protect your future. Underage persons should avoid drinking alcohol, and those people who are of legal drinking age should do so responsibly, which means refraining from binge drinking, drinking in a safe location, never operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol, and knowing one’s own limit and tolerance.

At the law offices of Brent D. Bowen, Attorney at Law, we have seen firsthand the negative effects that alcohol can have, and have represented many–adults and young people alike–who are facing alcohol-related criminal charges. If you have been charged with an alcohol-related crime, including underage drinking or driving while intoxicated (DWI), please contact our experienced Texas criminal defense attorney today for representation you can count on. An alcohol arrest can also affect your status as a student if you are enrolled in high school or college.