Minor in Possession Defense Attorney

Parents do not always realize that their children possess or are exposed to drugs until they get a call from the school or police. If your child got in trouble with the law, you should not hesitate to contact a juvenile law attorney who knows the ins and outs of the juvenile court system. Talk to our minor in possession attorneys at the Law Office of Brent D. Bowen, PLLC, to discuss your particular case and help protect your child’s life and freedom.

What are the Penalties for Drug Possession for Minors?

Just because your child is a minor does not mean that they cannot be charged for possession of drugs. In Texas, the juvenile court oversees minors age 10 to 17.

Drug possession crimes can be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies. Regardless of whether your child was arrested for a misdemeanor or felony drug crime, the charge could have a lasting impact on your child’s future.

Depending on the circumstances of the offense and the resulting criminal charge, penalties could include:

  • Probation that lasts until the child turns 18;
  • A prison sentence at a juvenile justice facility; and
  • Substance abuse or any other treatment.

As felonies are more serious than misdemeanor offenses, minors charged with possession of drugs face harsher penalties when charged with a felony drug crime. According to theTexas Controlled Substances Act, possession of small amounts of marijuana and prescription drugs is charged as a misdemeanor. Most other drug crimes are classified as felony offenses in Texas. Additionally, having drugs at school can increase the penalty range or severity of the drug charges.

If your child was charged with felony possession of drugs, the juvenile court could send him or her to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD), the juvenile prison system for underage individuals in Texas.

Consequences of Minors in Possession Charges

While the penalties associated with drug crimes for minors may not be as severe as penalties for the same crimes for adults, the long-term consequences can be rather devastating.

For this reason, if your child was charged with a drug crime in Texas, you should speak with a knowledgeable juvenile law attorney immediately.

A charge of drug possession as a juvenile in Texas can haunt a person for the rest of their life unless their criminal record is sealed or expunged. If you do not want a drug crime to show up on your child’s criminal record and prevent them from seeking higher education or housing and employment opportunities, it is important to do whatever it takes to protect your child’s freedom and future.

You need to consult with a Denton minor in possession attorney to make sure that your child’s mistake does not follow them into adulthood. Schedule a case review with ourjuvenile law attorneys at the Law Office of Brent D. Bowen, PLLC, to determine the best legal defense for your child.

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