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What To Know If You Have Been Charged With A Crime

Experienced, Battle-Tested Attorney

What should you look for when you need a criminal defense attorney? Ideally, the person you hire as your lawyer should be experienced in criminal law, preferably with time spent as a prosecutor so that your case can be analyzed from all sides, with evidence evaluated with an eye toward how it could be used by prosecuting attorneys.

Attorney Brent Bowen  formerly worked as a prosecutor, including as an assistant district attorney in Denton County. This means he can not only evaluate your case with a prosecutor’s eye for detail, but also recommend if your case would be better resolved via litigation, in court, or if a plea agreement would be in your best interests.

A Full Range Of Criminal Defense Services

Attorney Brent Bowen is committed to defending people facing criminal charges in Texas that carry potentially significant penalties. These include:

Attorney Brent Bowen is not just concerned with winning your case; he wants to help you  overcome the issues that may have led to your legal problems. This might mean offering referrals for mental health counseling or to overcome addiction problems.

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