What Are The Consequences of Drug Trafficking in Lewisville, TX?

Being convicted of drug trafficking in Texas comes with very severe fines and prison sentences. Unlike being convicted of possession of a small amount of drugs, drug trafficking charges could result in a lengthier sentence and other harsher penalties. If you are facing drug trafficking charges, you must understand the penalties you’re facing and the charges against you.

Penalties for Drug Trafficking in Texas

Essentially, the penalties for a conviction of drug trafficking in Lewisville, TX, will be based on the kinds of drugs involved and the quality found in the offender’s possession. For instance, drugs under penalty group 1, including morphine, cocaine, or heroin, come with the most severe punishments. The delivery or manufacture of more than a gram of these drugs is classified as a second-degree felony, and more than four grams is considered a first-degree felony.

If charged as a federal offense, a conviction for drug trafficking will result in even heftier fines and a longer prison sentence. For instance, you could face a fine not exceeding $5 million and five to 40 years of imprisonment if you were found guilty of trafficking five grams of meth, 500 grams of cocaine, or 100 grams of heroin.

Likewise, a drug trafficking conviction for 50 grams of meth, five kilos of cocaine, or one kilo of heroin could lead to a fine not exceeding $10 million and ten years to life in prison.

Understanding Drug Trafficking Laws in Texas

You may face a drug trafficking charge if you are accused of the following offenses:

Drug Delivery or Manufacturing

Transferring drugs to another individual is considered drug delivery and includes offering drugs for sale or the actual sale of drugs. You can also face drug trafficking charges if you were involved in packaging, preparing, producing, or processing drugs.

Drug Transportation

Even if you were not involved in the manufacturing or delivery of drugs, you might still be charged with drug trafficking if you were caught transporting drugs. Take note that while drug transportation within Texas comes with state-level drug charges, drug transportation through various states or international borders will lead to federal drug charges.

Drug Possession and Distribution

Although drug possession is typically a lesser drug offense, you may still face enhanced charges if you were found possessing a large amount of drugs. You may also face a charge of possession with the intent to distribute if, in addition to possessing drugs, you were also found in possession of scales, packaging materials, or other paraphernalia used for delivering or manufacturing drugs.

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