Multiple Driving While Impaired (DWI) Charges Lead to Serious Penalties in Texas

Dedicated Denton DWI lawyer fights to reduce penalties and clear charges

One DWI conviction in Texas can lead to serious penalties, including jail time, fees, and the loss of driving privileges. The long-term consequences can continue for years after that, including having a hard time getting hired for the job you want or being able to rent the apartment or home you want. If you are a public figure, you’ll have even more problems if you are convicted of driving while intoxicated. Should you be convicted of DWI a second or subsequent time, you will face more significant penalties. Every time you are convicted, the consequences will be more dire.

Brent D. Bowen Attorney at Law is a dedicated Denton DWI lawyer ready to help you fight DWI charges. We work hard to get your charges dismissed so you do not have multiple convictions on your record. If that’s not possible, our next goal will be to either reduce the charges, or reduce the penalties, helping you to get your life back on track as quickly as possible.

What are the penalties for multiple DWI convictions in Texas?

Some states recognize a so-called “look back” period when deciding on the penalty for a subsequent DWI offense. If you were charged with a DWI, the courts would look at whether you had another driving while intoxicated charge within a certain time period. If you did, you would face additional penalties. In Texas, there is no look back period. If you have ever been convicted of a DWI – even if it was 20 years ago – you will face harsher penalties if you are convicted again.

A second DWI conviction in Texas results in a fine of up to $4,000, a minimum of either 30 days in jail or five days plus probation, suspension of the driver’s license between 180 days and two years, a surcharge of up to $2,000 per year for three years to maintain your driver’s license, and the installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. Those penalties go up exponentially with each offense, as well as collateral penalties like increased auto insurance rates, potential travel restrictions, or obstacles to professional licensure.

Working with an experienced Denton DWI lawyer like Brent D. Bowen attorney at law can help you avoid the serious penalties that come with multiple DWI convictions. Our firm will explore every possible legal option for having your charges reduced or dismissed, and we will call on all forensic evidence to make the strongest case possible in your defense.

Possible defenses for subsequent DWI charges

Proving that you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol is at the core of getting a DWI conviction. There are many ways to challenge such proof. If you were given a breathalyzer test or blood test, our firm can challenge the accuracy of the test, either in the equipment used to conduct the test or the skill of the person conducting it.  If a field test was conducted, there are even more possibilities for challenging the results, and our firm will analyze all the evidence and interview all the witnesses present. We may also be able to challenge the circumstances of the arrest, such as proving that there were improper grounds for the stop or that the officer acted inappropriately. We may also be able to show that there were mitigating circumstances that merit a reduction in the penalties.

Our firm will explore every option for getting the charges against you dismissed or for getting the penalties reduced. By getting the charges dismissed, not only do you avoid the more serious penalties that come with multiple convictions, but you also protect your record in case you are ever charged again. Protecting your criminal record will help you protect your future, ensuring that you can pursue the educational, career, and personal opportunities that you choose.

Work with an experienced Denton DWI attorney who fights to protect your future

Just one DWI conviction can have serious ramifications. Multiple DWI convictions in Texas can have long-lasting, devastating effects. Work with a Denton DWI lawyer who fights to protect your future and helps you avoid devastating long-term consequences. Call the office of Brent D. Bowen, Attorney at Law, at (940) 222-2488 or use the secure online form to schedule a consultation. You may have made a mistake, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay for it the rest of your life. Get a tough legal advocate on your side and begin your fresh start.