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Embezzlement is a serious criminal offense in Texas, and if you are convicted, you might be looking at fines, jail time, and other serious penalties and life consequences. If you or someone you care about has been arrested and/or charged with embezzlement, time is of the essence. Given the seriousness of this criminal charge, it is important that you have an experienced defense attorney on your side representing you throughout your criminal matter and working with you to formulate a good legal defense.

Denton embezzlement lawyer Brent D. Bowen, Attorney at Law, has successfully defended numerous individuals who are facing embezzlement charges. We can review the facts and circumstances of your case, go over your legal options, and help you select the option that best suits your case and your individual needs.

What is Embezzlement in the State of Texas?

Under Texas law, embezzlement is a criminal theft offense that involves stealing or misappropriating money that another individual has asked you to either hold or manage. Instances of embezzlement are most common in the context of employment, where an employer asks an employee to manage funds, and the employee takes the money for his or her own personal use.

What are the Potential Penalties for an Embezzlement Conviction?

In order for you to be penalized for embezzlement in a Texas court, the prosecutor must be able to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you are guilty of the crime. If the prosecutor is able to meet that burden, then it will be up to a judge to issue the sentence.

Generally speaking, the penalty or penalties that a judge imposes depend upon the amount of money that the accused allegedly misappropriated or stole. In cases in which the accused stole property that had a value of under $100, for example, they may be charged with a Class C misdemeanor. Upon conviction, the accused can receive a maximum fine of $500.

On the other hand, if the accused stole between $750 and $2,500 – a Class A misdemeanor –they may receive a maximum fine of $4,000, along with a maximum one-year jail sentence. In cases in which the accused steals $2,500 or more, they may be subject to felony penalties, including a two-year prison sentence or much longer.

Speak to a Denton Embezzlement Attorney Today About Preparing Your Legal Defense

If you have been charged with embezzlement in Denton, there are several legal defenses that you may be able to assert. For instance, you may be able to claim that at the time of the alleged theft, you had a reasonable and good faith belief that you were entitled to possess the money.

If you or a loved one are facing embezzlement charges, you should look no further than Brent D. Bowen, Attorney at Law. To schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with a knowledgeable Denton embezzlement attorney, please call us today at (940) 222-2488 or contact us online for more information about how we can assist you.