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Is it Safe to Travel with CBD Oil in Texas?

Laws regarding cannabis products are all over the place across the United States. Some states allow recreational marijuana use, while others do not even have a medical marijuana program in place. The federal Farm Bill only confused matters further when it removed hemp from the controlled substance list, allowing for the potential sale of hemp-based CBD products in states that choose to allow it. This year, Texas moved forward with its own law allowing CBD oil that has less than 0.3 percent THC content.

Once You Purchase CBD in Texas, Can You Travel with It?

Many people have travel anxiety, and many people use CBD oil to help with anxiety. Naturally, you might want to bring your CBD oil along on your next trip. However, you never want to risk facing criminal liability for possessing CBD oil where you are not supposed to. If your trip is within the Texas border, you should be fine to take your CBD oil that you purchased legally in Texas. If you are traveling out of the state, however, you need to do some careful research first, as you could be arrested in certain states for having CBD.

The TSA changed its policy on CBD oil recently and now allows people to travel with CBD oil in their carry-ons or checked luggage. However, what happens after you land? Some states have not legalized cannabis products in any form – including CBD – for any reason. These states include:

  • Nebraska
  • Idaho
  • South Dakota

Many states allow CBD possession, but only if you have a medical card. If you do not have a medical card in that particular state, you can still be arrested for possession of CBD oil.

The same goes for road trips. For instance, if you travel east or west to Louisiana or New Mexico, you should be fine to possess CBD. However, if you are traveling north, you might still encounter some issues in Oklahoma (as its laws on CBD are not yet settled) or Kansas (which only allows products with zero percent THC).

As you can see, the situation is complicated, and until the laws become more uniform across the United States, everyone should be extremely careful regarding CBD oil and travel. Moreover, it is important to remember that products with more than 0.3 percent THC can get you into trouble within the State of Texas. You can face arrest and possible drug possession allegations, and you should call an experienced criminal defense attorney right away if this happens.

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